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At Tres, we want to give you an intimate dining experience, a night without a single thought of yesterday or tomorrow. We will share the stories of our farmers and artisans that have contributed to who we are today and the restaurant’s philosophy.

Tres is a 12 seat restaurant at Kop van Zuid-Entrepot in Rotterdam and we present a playful set menu. Starting with snacks, then onto savory dishes from the sea and the land, finishing with the sweet section of desserts and mignardises. We ask that you keep an open mind and that this night can take around three to four hours.

The best producers and growers have been invited to be a part of this celebration of Dutch produce. We will show what can be grown, harvested, fished and foraged in this small but rich country.

Complex without being complicated.

- Emy Koster and Michael van der Kroft


Thursday - Sunday
18.30 - 00.00

Friday - Sunday lunch
12.00 - 16.00


Vijf Werelddelen # 75
3071PS Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tres is also accessible by Rotterdam’s Watertaxi, arrival dock Stieltjesstraat / Entrepot (38).


+31 (0) 6 18027316
Get in touch between 12 - 15


To apply for a position please email career@tresrotterdam.com



We work with a deposit for the cost of the menu. On the reserved afternoon or evening, guests are able to choose from our wine and beverage list or pairings, and settle the rest of the menu costs and drinks at the end of the experience.

Please note, we cannot accommodate all types of allergies or dietary restrictions. Nevertheless do inform upon reserving.

Cancellation Policy: Tickets are fully interchangeable and guests are free to cancel their reservation up to 48 hours prior to their meal. After that time, we will do what we can to find another guest to take over the ticket, but if we can't, no refunds will be issued.

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